Can you believe 2019 is almost half over? Maybe you started the year off strong, ready to make this the BEST YEAR EVER. Maybe you made some really well-intentioned resolutions. Maybe even the same ones you made last year and the year before.

If you did, don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there. We make our resolutions and are excited about them for a few weeks and then we lose steam and feel bad, like we’ve failed and like nothing will ever change. And that’s why resolutions don’t work.

The good news is that it’s not too late to turn things around. And THAT’s why I want to teach you a whole new, aligned way of planning and setting goals!

So, say goodbye to pressure and feeling bad about yourself and hello to the feminine magic of the Moon.


Why work with the energy of the moon?

Because she is the ultimate teacher that everything in nature has its cycles. Her lesson is that we can at any time be reborn and begin again, so if there's something you want to do, believe in yourself and DO IT. No matter what anyone tells you, neither you nor your dreams have shelf life. You're not too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too anything. You are enough. Be bold and stop waiting for what you want to drop into your lap. Create it!

Be the writer AND heroine of your own story. It is up to you. You don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission! So, “write” the life of your dreams. 

And for heaven's sake, don't worry about what anyone else thinks. No one else has to live your life and you are under no obligation to settle or stay stuck anywhere where you don't want to be.

I know I stayed stuck for a long time, because I was too afraid to claim the things I really wanted. Then one day I stopped worrying and started letting my heart be my guide. I began to set intentions and combined the magic of the moon with down to earth steps and strategies for reaching my goals. I started setting annual and quarterly goals - not resolutions, but real goals with an action plan including clear steps to get me to my destination and check-ins along the way.

I want to do big things with the second half of 2019 and I bet you do too, so let’s do it together! And we’ll do it in a way that’s filled with moon magic and down to earth strategies, accountability, and the wisdom of folk tale and the sacred feminine.

By the end of this experience you will:

  • Understand the magical energy of the moon’s phases

  • Know how to harness the energy of the moon to support you in setting & achieving your goals

  • Have clear vision of what you want and why

  • Learn the difference between goals and metagoals

  • Create an action plan for reaching your goals

  • Develop strategies for overcoming obstacles

  • Learn how to build an intention altar

Content for this course is completely online and will be delivered via a series of emails directly to your inbox and an optional Facebook group for additional sisterhood, encouragement and support.

So, come and join me in this guided goal setting intensive where we will unlock your magic, isolate areas for growth, set goals, and position you to finish this year off right! We’ll be beginning in the final stages of the waning moon (for releasing the old and making way for the new) on June 25 and wrapping up in the energy of the full moon on July 17.

And BONUS: This program is not even over when it’s over! Not only I will not only guide you through creating a plan for a better and brighter 2019, but I’ll also send you quarterly check-ins to keep you accountable, help you evaluate your progress and make sure you're still riding the path to success!

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What is Pay-What-You-Can?

Pay-What-You-Can is a special earlybird rate that I offer for many of my programs in order to keep them accessible for everyone. It allows you to purchase this program for a contribution that is aligned for you and your present ability. Whichever level you choose, is a savings off the regular price and individuals who are able to contribute more, allow me help those who need it. Whichever option you choose, the program and the love and support you will receive are the exactly the same. I just ask that you find a way to do something nice for someone else when you get a chance. We need more women supporting women and this is one way for us to support each other.

I am ready to claim my magic! SIGN ME UP!

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What do past participants say about this program?

“This course covered so many aspects of moon magick and goal setting, I loved the prompts every few days and the meditation was fantastic. You’re available, the training is so personal because of the connection, you’re not a number but a friend. It’s beautiful.” - Julie S., North Carolina,

“Hi, Martina. I wanted to give you an update about what I've been able to manifest since January's group experience with you. I am going to Los Angeles in July to be at the opening of the invitational exhibit I am part of called Material Meaning: A Living Legacy of Anni Albers. I am also teaching a workshop there, at the Craft in America Center, that day to offset the travel expenses. In January I thought there was no way, but where there is a will there IS a way. Thank you for encouraging me on my journey. “ - Brittany Wittman McLaughlin, Artist, Designer, & Editorial Curator of The Weaving Workshop

“Great content! Your programs are well thought out, well informed and delivered with love. You are a wealth of Earth-based and story telling knowledge and information.” - Kristin Hertz, Montana, Yoga, Coaching and Organizing,

“I really love you! Thank you for bringing such light to my life!! I loved the community and camaraderie. The way everyone comes together is really beautiful! Join up and experience it for yourself! ” - Kara Owl, Tallahassee, FL,