While people often look at the Tarot as kind of parlor trick to unveil the future, it is SO MUCH MORE! Over the 30 years I've been reading, I've learned that the cards are even more valuable for self-development. Like the work I do using story as a lens for self-development and healing, the journey through the Tarot itself tells a story and speaks in a language of archetypes and psychological and spiritual wisdom that can be leveraged as a tool to understand more about ourselves and to help us to illuminate our path

These readings are an interactive mix of divination and coaching, blending intuition and journey on your behalf to access wisdom from various guides that can help light your path. And because we ALWAYS have free will, readings always include writing and meditative prompts, affirmations, or exercises designed to encourage your participation and activate personal development. Readings can be purchased individually or as part of a bigger coaching commitment.

To learn more about monthly tarot reading and coaching packages, go here. To purchase a single reading, select one of the options below.

Tarot Path of Purpose 

Which one are you?

The High Priestess?
The Magician?
The Empress? 
They Sun?
The Moon?
The Hermit?

Did you know that just like we all have an astrological sign, we all carry a set of personal Tarot archetypes based in when we were born?

Knowing what our archetypes are can help us better understand ourselves and how we move through the world. This personal profile will provide insight into your personality, soul, teacher, zodiac, and personal year cards among others. You will also receive personalized questions for growth to explore in you meditation or journaling time.

Note: After you purchase this reading, you will need to provide your name, date, place and time of birth.

Readings are $60 and are delivered in .PDF format containing your tarot profile along with writing and meditation prompts created especially for you. for you to keep. You will receive your profile within a week of providing your birth date information.

Incoming Energies & Inner Work

This mixed reading combines Tarot, Journey Work, and personalized coaching prompts to help illuminate your path forward. Includes opportunities, challenges, and how to approach them with guidance from your guides including the help of an intuitively chosen goddess and animal guide that you might want to work more closely with as you do your inner work. Additionally, you will receive personalized prompts based upon your reading that you can use for journaling, meditation, and reflection.

Readings are $79 delivered in the form of a document or audio to guide you through the coming weeks and months. Unless we have other arrangements, you will receive your reading with in a week of purchase.


Tarot Reading

Have a specific situation or area of life or personal development, where you are looking for insight? Then this reading is for you. You choose the topic, I pull the cards.

Readings are delivered in the form of .pdf or audio to guide you through the coming weeks and months. Each reading also includes custom questions, affirmations, and prompts for further reflection and growth.

Readings are delivered within a week of providing your question.