Tarot Coaching

It was over 30 years ago that I made the journey to my local bastion of deep spiritual power and mystical wisdom (the Barnes and Noble at Clackamas Town Center) to buy my first deck of Tarot cards.

Since that time, I've not only collected dozens of tarot and oracle decks and done countless readings, but also spent a lot of time working with and studying animal guides and goddess wisdom. All of these things inform my approach to working with my clients when we do readings together. I’ll be really honest and tell you that if you’re looking for a “you will meet and marry a dark man and travel many miles over the water” kind of mystical experience, you’ll probably be happy with another reader.

But if you are interested in a soul growing reading that gives you insight on the energies around you, what you can do to maximize them, and how you can combine what we find in your reading with your OWN wisdom, insight, and goals, than I am the reader for you! Because you see, many people approach tarot as a kind of parlor trick to unveil the future, but it is SO MUCH MORE powerful as a tool for self-reflection and personal development.

Choose from the Incoming Energies & Inner Work offering below OR we can customize a reading especially for you, your situation, and the wisdom you are seeking.

NOTE: While readings are typically received within in a week of purchase, I am able to to do only a limited number of readings per week. If you have a concern about timing, please contact me before purchasing.

Incoming Energies & Inner Work

This mixed reading combines Tarot, Journey Work, and personalized coaching prompts to help illuminate your path forward. Includes opportunities, challenges, and how to approach them with guidance from your guides including the help of an intuitively chosen goddess and animal guide that you might want to work more closely with as you do your inner work. Additionally, you will receive personalized prompts based upon your reading that you can use for journaling, meditation, and reflection.

Readings are $79 delivered in the form of a document or audio to guide you through the coming weeks and months. Unless we have other arrangements, you will receive your reading with in a week.


What do my clients love about doing readings with me?

I chose to work with the wonderful and wise Martina because she’s talented, gifted, educated, and genuine. She has the ability to know exactly where I need direction, even when I ask her to do a general reading. My favorite part of working with Martina is the way she’s able to connect and communicate with me on any issue I may be having. A major benefit of Martina’s reading is the bonus journal prompts she provides. Martina creates unique and thought-provoking questions that I find myself returning to as a way to help solve other problems, as well. I gain a larger perspective on areas of concern in my life, as well as a clearer course of action, with Martina’s insights. I would highly recommend working with Martina, as she’s spot-on with her readings, is a fantastic communicator, and is an inspiring woman.
— Denise M., Ridgefield, Wa