Being a woman in the modern world is a big job. We’re busy. We have a lot of responsibilities. We work long hours, we nurture families and take care of homes, we care for sick parents, and we run businesses. Is it any wonder that we’re tired? Is it any wonder that sometimes it feels like there is not a lot of space for our own dreams and aspirations?

We have big plans and mean to get to them, but something always gets in the way. Our plans for today get left for tomorrow, time passes, and somehow we get lost in the shuffle. Our dreams are deferred, because we forget how precious our short time on this earth really is. 

Even worse, we forget what is wild and sacred inside us. We forget our own worthiness. We forget own magic

It is my mission to help you remember.

Because you know what? You have everything you need inside you to stay the course and reach your goals. You came to this earth blessed with a unique combination of character, voice, and life experience that no one else has. You are the product of a long line of feminine ancestors. You carry their wisdom in your bones. You, my sister, have got this!

But sometimes you still need a little support and a warm lantern to guide the way.

And that’s why I’ve created the Sisters of the Wildwood Moon, a place where YOU get filled up. I know that too often the difference between wishing for and creating what we desire is that we just need a little support and encouragement.  And that’s why I want to invite you into this space of spiritual centered growth and down to earth strategy

As we circle together, you will be given the space to connect with your heart & spirit, identify your path, dissolve blocks, and make bold, decisive steps toward a life you love. You will also learn about different goddesses, animal guides, stones, and plants. And you will do it in a loving, supportive environment of sisterhood, where you can show up authentically and know that we will hold space for your struggles and celebrate your successes at the same time as you are inspired to keep making moves and taking weekly action.

And we’ll do it all in a really feminine way that honors the magic of the earth, the cycles of the moon, the energies of the Wheel of the Year, the sacredness of the circle, and the beautiful emanation of the Goddess you are.

Our work together over the coming months will remind you that you don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission to get started. Everything in nature has its cycles and so do you. Be like Mother Moon, who teaches us that we can at any time be reborn and begin again. If there's something you want to do, believe in yourself and DO IT. And get started NOW. Neither you nor your dreams have a shelf life. 

So how about it? Are you ready to write that book, create that course, find that new job, develop a thriving creative practice, launch your brilliant blog, reorganize your spice rack, start that magical new endeavor that makes your heart sing?  Or maybe you just want a circle of sisters to learn and grow with. Either way, we welcome you in with open arms.

Stop waiting for the “right” time and come join us! The right time is yours to create, and the time is now. The hard truth is that if you do nothing, nothing will change.

As we journey together you will:

  • Create a plans of action (lots of worksheets & tools to guide you!)

  • Find accountability

  • Receive powerful monthly lessons, writing prompts & activities to support you on your life AND soul journey

  • Develop strategies for overcoming obstacles

  • Learn from Goddesses & stories, whose energy will inspire you & grow your soul

  • Use the moon for intention setting & releasing blocks

  • Find a balance between vision, action, and rest

  • And, best of all, receive so much loving up & support, the moon will see YOU glow!

This circle is a virtual one, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. It will be conducted completely online, so all you need is internet access and willingness to grow!

So, come and join me for this transformative journey where we will unlock your magic and illuminate a path to a beautiful future of your own making! 

Join for a “Pay-What-You-Can” contribution of five payments of $33, $44, or $55/month.

What is “Pay-What-You-Can?” I’m glad you asked! It’s just what it sounds like! Everyone gets the same great content, but you get to pick the contribution that is most aligned for YOU and your situation. Those who have the means for a greater investment help fund those who need a little extra help right now. No shame or blame accepting that help. As active members of a circle, we all bring out gifts and contribution to the group and that is not always completely monetary. I just ask that you commit to participating, doing the work, and paying it forward by doing something nice for someone else in return.

Why do I offer it? Because I am committed to offering programs that are accessible to women of different income levels. I know what it’s like to need the help and I know what it’s like to be afraid to ask for it. Because THIS is how we create a feminine paradigm that operates in the model of a circle instead of patriarchal ladders. And, most of all, because we know that we are most empowered when we women LIFT EACH OTHER UP.


Monthly Payment