Your programs are well thought out, well informed and delivered with love. You are a wealth of Earth-based and story telling knowledge and information.
— Kristin Hertz, Montana, Yoga, Coaching and Organizing,
A marvellous programme and worth it no matter WHAT your excuse is !!!! you WILL be changed / experience a significant shift for the better....... the fairytales and Martina’s approach is liquid alchemy!! The result is Pure Gold.
— Rain M.
I wanted to let you know that I really love what you’re doing..It’s clear, flowing, unique, interesting, gentle, and creative.
— Lara C.
Just the energy of this space + program is really helping me. I’ve been writing my copy for my website & I’m writing from the soul, just putting it out there, not censoring anything or worrying if people will think I’m crazy!! Things that I would have thought even just a few weeks ago, writing copy & trying to explain myself are just not an issue, the fear just isn’t there! Wooohooo!!!
— Caitriona Hicks
I have always had a deep love for fairy tales. The feedback from Martina is wonderful, feeling like you’ve stumbled upon a group of like minded souls is magical. I liked the prompts, they help you focus in on what you are trying to accomplish.

There is so much information out there for you to pursue on your own, it’s great but can also make you feel isolated. Here in this safe place you can ask questions and be answered. You share what you are working on (if you want to) and also hear what other wonderful people are getting out of the experience. Martina is very insightful and positive. It’s great to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates you and what you need to work on from these stories that are so beloved and have stood the test of time.
— Gina A.
This course covered so many aspects of moon magick and goal setting, I loved the prompts every few days and the meditation was fantastic....You’re available, the training is so personal because of the connection, you’re not a number but a friend. It’s beautiful.
— Julie S., North Carolina,
Fantastic experience! Boosted self-esteem and confidence! Working with you is a like a breath of fresh air! You make me feel like I’m the only one taking the class. You are so inspirational, patient and kind! I highly recommend!
— BlondieWitch
So inspired!

It is such a pleasure to work along side Martina Rutledge and to experience her beautiful teaching methods using Fairy tales and Folklore. Not only is she very accomplished at what she does, Martina has a beautiful soothing voice that is perfect for meditation and delivery of her work ‘Into the Wild Woods of the Soul!’
— Lehlah Rio, Author & Creator of The Dream Date Diary,
The Little Red Riding Hood workshop made me realize that my fears are very subtle and deeply buried. So, I wasn’t really aware that they were making decisions for me. They had tricked me into thinking that they were my true inner voice, but no more. I will begin to put them in their proper place!!!
— Erica M.
Before we starting working together I was having trouble finding my motivation, in a lot of areas. Creatively, I felt blocked. In my life in general, I just had no passion for anything. I was stuck in a rut. Since working with you, I’ve started to realize that my priorities and values have been skewed, I’ve placed more time on things I don’t value, and I’m starting to change that. My big moment of Clarity came when I realized that my passion and creativity flowed together more naturally and powerfully when I shifted my priority items to those things I value. Time with my children, time outside, etc., rather than the things that weren’t such valuable things to me. The way you present the work, as stories, is such a comfortable way to confront the things that I think we all face within ourselves. We can slide into something familiar, and walk through that story with you as we deal with our issues and grow. It’s a really beautiful thing. And you are such a steady, insightful presence through it all. Your prompts are just what is needed to take us to that needed space where we can look ourselves in the eye, and say ‘this is what I need to face, this is what I need to work on.’ For that, I thank you.
— Candi P.
I really love you! Thank you for bringing such light to my life!!…The way everyone comes together is really beautiful! Join up and experience it for yourself!
— Kara Owl, Tallahassee,FL,
I didn’t even realize how depressed and unmotivated I’d become. Thank you for your workshop! I love your positivity, it sure helps counteract the negative and judgemental people I have to live around. I absolutely love how you’ve incorporated fairy tales into helping people have a better life!
— Gina A.
You make everyone feel so at ease! You have a spirit about you that makes me think I already know you even without physically meeting!
— Shannon P.
Transformational. Magical. Insightful. These are just a few of the adjectives I use to explain what this journey has been for me. In journeying with Martina in this first set of classes, I have awakened that inner voice that longs to stir, grow and be the authentic me. The music, prompts and journal writing leads me to listen to that true voice, to speak my passion, and begin to follow that path that is uniquely mine.

I used the class, along with work I was already doing, to recognize my gifts and talents, and to listen to that gift speaking the loudest to give myself permission to follow my passion. The path l take now in the world is illumined by the brightness of my clarity.

There were places that I was stuck, in the “I am not good enough” the “I can’t”, and the “but I am afraid”. I was able to look clearly at the fear, and through the class, the meditations and journaling to find the roots of the dark thought and uproot them and toss them from my life. I realized that I am a work in progress, and that is a good place to be.
— Teri O.