A Call to Action

It was back in late 2014 when I realized I was done with the corporate world and never intended to go back again. After a three-month span that featured a series of Tower moments that included breaking my shoulder, realizing that my mom’s dementia had progressed to the point that she would never again be able to manage on her own, and being laid off by email from my corporate career of nearly 14 years during a reorg, I finally worked up the courage to do something I had wanted to do for nearly a decade:

Quit and strike out on my own to do something that was creative, used my lifelong passion for writing and teaching, and MADE A DIFFERENCE.

And it was exciting. For the first time since college, I felt like I was finally just where I was meant to be. But it was also really challenging, because it forced me to go deep and ask myself some really important questions. I had to face insecurities that had kept me rooted way below my full potential despite the constant pull I had felt to do something “bigger and profound” with my life.

Was I good enough? Was I smart enough? Gosh darnit, did people like me? Okay, maybe not the last one, but if you got it, we totally should be BFFs. But I did worry that I didn’t have anything important enough to say let alone teach. I feared that I was just kidding myself in thinking I could advise or hold space for anyone. Why would anyone listen to me? What did I really have to offer?

Still plagued with insecurity around these questions, I took a leap of faith and a chunk of my 401k to go back to school and study life coaching, earth medicine, and hypnotherapy.

Lucky for me, one of the major components of any good coaching program is self-work. And thanks to that program and the amazing mentors I’ve had since, I know what I am here to do:

It is my mission to help heart- and spirit-led women connect with their own sacred center and to empower them live in alignment with their voice and purpose in life and in business, so that they can live happier more fulfilled lives *and* us that energy to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world around them.

And I am not here to mess around. We were given a voice for a reason and I am committed to using mine.

I have deep truths to share and I am here to encourage my clients to find their passion, purpose, and voice and share it too.

🦋 I am done settling for less than I want and deserve and I hope you are too.

🦋 I am done self-censoring, because people might not like me or my message and I hope you are too.

🦋 I’m done worrying about being “good enough” or taking up too much space and I hope you are too.

🦋 And I am certainly done playing by the rules that seem to pervade so much of the coaching world and that includes some of its downright gross and inauthentic sales and marketing practices. I am ready for a revolution where we ditch the ladders and build some seriously feminine, creative, Goddess loving, and woman empowering circles...and I hope you are too.

Do you know for a long time, I wouldn’t even call myself a coach? To be honest, I still prefer most days to distance myself from the industry by calling myself a mentor or guide. The word coach makes me think of football teams. But most of all, I was embarrassed to call myself that, because so much of the industry seemed more interested keeping a “high vibration” through using the Law of Attraction as an excuse to remain completely self-focused, while ignoring injustice and suffering in the world and selling a “Make seven figures in your sleep,” Prada and Lambos lifestyle than it was in nurturing anything coming close to real transformation. Can you do both? Probably. But it’s not all about the money, you know?

And I’m going to be really honest here. If that’s all you’re about, I’m really not the teacher for you. You see, while I consider myself to be a spiritually guided coach, I have really strong feelings around new agey, spiritual bypassing. It is not spiritual and it's not ethical to stand by and turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice in the world. Not being "political" or socially conscious or aware of what's going on around you is not a badge of honor. Self-work is so important, but the point never is and never was that it end at the tip of our noses. We are meant to take that light out into the world.

That’s why I have such a problem with teachers and coaches who encourage students to hide their heads in the sand in the name of maintaining a "high vibration," so they can pat themselves on the back for being enlightened.

OF COURSE it is good to be generally positive. Our words and outlook do affect our life experience and what we draw to ourselves, but a cursory "loving and lighting" our way past anything we don't want to look at is not growth. It's lightwashing. If you ignore the dark both in yourself and in the world and ignore its suffering, you're missing some of your biggest opportunities for transformation and even spiritual growth.

You want transformation? Drag the dark out into the light and illuminate that shit. Listen to what it's telling you. Don't just pretend it's not there. Show up and do the work. The work is the growth and the way.

And you know what? If you’re if you’re all in and ready to put and end to business as usual and step into a brave, new world where YOU get to decide who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer this big, beautiful planet, so am I! I will be your cheerleader, coach, sounding board, and biggest fan, but I can’t do it alone. You have to show up for yourself and for the rest of us too, because we need you, your voice and the special brand of magic that only you with your unique superpowers, insights, and experiences have to bring to this world.

If this message appeals to you and if you know are ready to begin the journey of reclaiming and unleashing YOUR voice, I invite you to step closer and work with me. My programs and one-on-one offerings are designed to help people give voice to their values and vision in both their life and their work. I want people to leave their time with me able to express themselves in deeper, freer, more authentic, more profound, and more creative ways. With

So what are you waiting for? Reach out. Let’s chat. No gross sales tactics. Just me, you, and an honest conversation about how (and if) I can assist you to reach your goals, keep you accountable, and grow your spirit at the same time.

And until next time, be true to your own wild magic, your voice, and especially yourself, for you, my friend, are need in this world and you have big things to do!