The magic of learning & creativity

From the moment I learned what school was like from my bff across the street, who was a year older than me and already in Kindergarten, I wanted in on it and from the moment I started school, I found myself wanting to learn everything and then teach it to others.. I’ve never lost that enthusiasm. By the time I got to college, I had SO many interests that I wanted to pursue that didn’t know where to begin.

I remember sitting in the academic advisor’s office feeling SO excited as I signed up for my first classes. At one point, she had to leave for a bit and told me to just stay and make a list of the courses I was interested in taking and then we’d come up with a plan. By the time she returned 15 minutes later, I was ready to sign myself up for about 400 credit hours in one semester. After talking me down with no small amount of kindly amusement, we decided that I would focus on a double major of music and foreign language and I left her office feeling excited and empowered.

Two years later, I was sitting in a similar advising office, straight A transcripts in hand, listening to a misogynistic geezer tell me that I should give up the idea of a double major, because you have to be (and I quote) “really special to pull that off successfully,” the inference being that I and my straight As and ovaries were not. It was probably one of the saddest moments of my young academic career that 20 year old me let her hopes be dashed and believed him. After all, he was an experienced professional and knew what he was talking about, right?

When I think back on the incident now, it disgusts me that any educator would discourage a smart, motivated young woman from striving to do more than was required of her. I eventually shook it off and ended up going all the way through grad school with fellowships and academic scholarships to pay most of my tuition. If time travel were a thing, crone me would definitely like to go back and tell that tweed wearing weasel a thing or two.

Having your own business feels a bit like that sometimes too. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination and there can be a lot of second guessing of where to grow and what to offer next, especially when you have a broad background. And, as with anything in life, the peanut gallery is all too eager to chime in with its advice. The thing is that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should -- and I can do a lot.

My pre-coaching life includes academia and teaching German language and literature with research interests in fairy tale, folklore, and women’s studies, 15 years in sales operations and international business environments, and a few writing, language and publishing related jobs. When I first started offering courses three years ago, I was really focused on using fairy tale as a lens for self-development. Over the years, that has broadened to include folklore in general as well as a healthy infusion of Goddess and earth based spiritual practices in my work.

Today, I again feel the pull broaden and do new things. I’m not sure yet where that will take me, but the one thing that ties my work together and always will be is empowering people, especially women, to give voice to their mission and purpose.

And that’s why I am really excited to be working on two new projects right now -- a podcast that will allow me to share a broad range of expertise under the umbrella finding and expressing your voice and sacred mission in life and business and a program that I’m going to be launching this summer called Awakening Awen.

In neo-pagan druidry awen stands for the flowing spirit of inspiration, that place where we are in divine flow. In the program, we’re going to be focusing on dealing with the kinds of tweed wearing weasels that burst forth from our psyches to feed our fears anxieties in the creative process and also have some space to play, create, and share our work with weekly creative prompts.

Although my work seems to attract creatives and I myself am a life-long writer and storyteller, the idea of using my own struggles to find my voice and creative confidence as a springboard for a program around nourishing creativity is a new venture for me. And it’s the best kind, because I know will not only create momentum for my students, but stretch me and allow me to express own voice in new ways and that is just the best kind of teaching for all involved.

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