Creating Space for YOU

How has your new year been progressing? I kicked off mine by leading a wonderful group of women through a course on moon magic and intention setting and now I'm leading another group through a 12-week program around stepping into our voice, magic, and sovereignty. For a while now, I’ve also been occasionally freelancing as a writer, translator and editor and I’m getting ready to formally launch a content creation side to my business as I expand into offering more business consulting services in 2019. And I quietly celebrated the anniversary of my third year since I left the corporate world to start my own business.

While I hadn't been happy in my work for a long time and had long wanted to leave, the events that gave me the courage to take that huge leap were kind of a perfect storm. I broke my shoulder and had a little over a month on sick leave to think about how miserable and needing to make a change I was. By the I was pretty clear that I was SO over working 65 hours a week and never having time for the people or things I loved.

Then, just as I was ready to go back to work having made up my mind to start looking for a new career, the company suffered a downturn and laid off 75% of its staff just as I was released to go to work. Talk about a sign from the universe, right? So, I searched my heart for what would make me happy, went back to school, hired a business coach, got serious about figuring out what I needed to learn to be good at my new career.

It has turned out to be one of the greatest acts of self-care I've ever given myself. I have cobbled all of the things I love (story, wooery, self-development, goddesses, writing, creating, teaching, helping others unearth their magic, etc.) in to a job that helps empower women  to grow in abundance, success, authenticity, and creative self-expression.

And you know what? It kicks ass and it was a radical act of self-love for a person, who had always put herself last and allowed herself to remain stuck for fear of meeting some arbitrary standard of "good enough." Do you do that? If you do, you're in good company. I think a LOT of women do. And that's why we sometimes need a reminder that we deserve to take up space and we deserve to pursue the things that make us happy. Consider this your reminder. And think about it.

Do you allow yourself to cultivate space in your life for the things you love and that make your soul glow?

You don't have to change professions to do it, but I challenge you this week to give yourself space to rest or do something you love for no other reason that you love it. Trust me, you will feel so much better for it.