Blood Moon

Summer is in full swing and I thought it might be a good time to check in with you, because this week brings us a special event, Friday’s full moon eclipse, which will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century! While we always do workings for peace and healing in my Wildwood group at the full moon, this one will be a potent time for doing any intention setting or magic.

Why is this moon so powerful? Because the Blood Moon encompasses a full lunar cycle in one event and this amplifies any magical workings we might do under its energy. As the Earth’s shadow falls over and then again away from the moon, it experiences each of its phases from full to waning to new to waxing and full again and that is why some schools of magical thought believe it to be so powerful. The full moon is already its most powerful phase and when you add to it the power of all its other phases, you’re left with some pretty unique and strong conditions for intention and magic.

blood moon.jpg

So, what kinds of magic do we do at the Blood Moon? In general,  it is also a good time for developing our own intuition and releasing emotional blocks and other unwanted energy, but because this particular eclipse moon is in the sign of Aquarius, a sign that tends to be focused on humanity and the greater good, it is a powerful time for focusing on any intentions that benefit the world as a whole, especially looking at any conditions that need to be healed and released in order to create peace, equity, and prosperity for all. And this is important, because the more evolved and aware we become, the greater is our responsibility to do workings not only for our growth, but also for healing the world.

Areas you might focus on in your eclipse moon workings include:

  • Communication between realms (heightened intuition and ease of entering altered states of consciousness)
  • Working with the ancestors
  • Healing rituals (especially those tied to women and the community at large)
  • Divination like scrying, tarot, and rune work (hello heightened intuition!)
  • Setting transformational goals and intentions (magical workings are augmented!)
  • Offerings to and workings with any of the lunar goddesses

We have a powerful portal this week, may we all use it well!

Brightest of Blessings,