What are your superpowers?

This time of year always has me thinking about goals and what I want to do in the coming year. This year in particular, I'm thinking a lot about some shifts I want to make in how I make my living and the work I do with my clients and that has me thinking a lot about Superpowers.

I discovered a lot of my superpowers when I was just a kid. I bet you did too, because their seed is often in the things we love and gravitate to as children. I was and am also a weirdo, who follows her heart and rarely does anything just because others were doing it.

And for the most part, I never questioned whether I was good or bad at these things. I just did them because they were interesting and joyful and came as naturally to me as breathing. But then comes the age when we girls start to get messages like:

Be nice.
Don’t show off.
Don’t be boastful.
Don’t be pushy.
Don't toot your own horn. 
If you’re awesome at something, you don’t need to tell others, they’ll notice themselves.

(As I learned when I started my own business, that last one is not the world’s best marketing strategy.)

And the thing is that I think a lot of other girls got the same messages, because I see SO MANY of my peers hiding their light too. And I know that shit is hard to overcome, because it’s taken me a long time to do so. And the worst part is that not only do we hide our light, but we start to question whether it is even bright enough to shine.

So, what are my superpowers?

I am creative.
I am a great writer.
I am good at teaching people to create attractive DIY websites and even better at creating content for them.
I am compassionate and have a strong drive toward justice and advocacy.
I am unrepentantly outspoken about social and political issues.
I am committed to encouraging other women to STOP APOLOGIZING for having opinions.
I am empathetic and intuitive.
I am great at breaking down overwhelming goals into manageable tasks.
I am really good at encouraging people and making them feel heard.

And you know what? I get to use my superpowers every day. My superpowers help illuminate a path for the clients and students when I teach, coach, and do readings. They are there when I help someone set up a website or start a new business. And they are there when I advocate for people like my mom, who have terminal, degenerative diseases or for my fellow caregivers, who often give up everything to care for their loved ones.

And you know what? I LOVE that I get to use the things I am good at in a positive way. Because, honestly, if we’re not going to do that, why even have them?

So, tell me (seriously, send me a message. Proclaim your gifts and mission. Let me hold space for you!)... 

What are YOUR superpowers? And how do YOU plan to use them to create better things in your life, your family, and community as we march into 2019?

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