Around the World, Around the Year is back!


30,000 years ago long before the last of the great Goddess temples were destroyed and people still believed the earth was our Mother, they told stories. They told them to explain the nature of the world and of the sacred, which was all around us. They told them to entertain and they passed them on from generation to generation. These stories are the seeds of myth, folklore, and even some of the fairy tales we tell today and they are containers for wisdom carried to us on the breath of the ancestors via oral tradition.

In Around the World, Around the Year program, we leverage this wisdom for self-development as we deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Each month we explore a new story and theme from a different part of the world and each week in your inbox, you'll receive a journal prompt, meditation, or activity designed to expand your knowledge of self, learn about earth based spiritual and magical practice, and to help you connect more deeply with the earth, our Mother, and the Sacred in YOU!

Come join the journey! Your passport awaits!

In the coming months we’ll be working with the following tales & themes:

⭐The Girl & Winter Whirlwinds (December): 
Christmas, Yule, & the Return of the Light

🌜Ceridwen’s Cauldron (January): 
The Cauldron of Rebirth. What is calling you in 2019?

⭐ Shlemiel (February): 
Embracing Your Inner Fool & Finding Your Way

🌜A Legend of Multnomah Falls (March): 
What is love and how can YOU be a force for it in the world?

⭐ Scherezade (April): 
Honoring Our Stories