Finding Your Path

Did you know that the story of Hänsel and Gretel dates back to the European famines of the 14th century? As horrible as it sounds, it tragically was not unheard for children to be abandoned, because their parents couldn't deal with having the extra mouths to feed.

When you think about the story in that context, you can see how for two hungry children, coming upon a house that was not just made of food, but candy, a treat many of them probably would not have ever seen, it would have felt to them like they were livin' the dream. And that's what makes the gingerbread house such a potent metaphor for what it feels like when we connect with our own dreams and purpose. And make no mistake, while it might not be the kind of nourishment that feeds our bellies, finding our purpose does something even better -- it feeds the SOUL.
I remember how giddy and happy I felt leaving my corporate life to create my own fairy tale business of helping women connect with the sacred femininewithin and illuminate their paths of purpose. I feel that same wide-eyed joy and excitement every time I guide a woman to look inwards, into the wild woods of her soul, to remember the joy of what lights her up and why she is here. That is something I want every woman to feel. 
And that is why I absolutely LOVE it when I get a chance to teach Illuminating Your Path of Purpose with Hänsel & Gretel. This is a program for every women who has ever felt like something was missing from her life or like she was lost and wanting to make a change. It is for every woman who just feels tired and wants to reclaim a little bit of joy and magic into her daily life by reconnecting with what fulfills her.

Through working with the archetypes of the two children and the wicked witch, this program will gently guide you to clarity and help you begin to silence the false doubts and fears that that keep you stuck.

This empowering journey will take place July 31 - August 18, 2017 and I would LOVE to see you there. Learn more and register by Saturday, July 15 to take advantage of the earlybird rate at…/

Brightest of Blessings,

P.s. In integrity with my commitment to making this work accessible to everyone, a limited number of scholarships are available. If you have a need, please contact me for more info.