Mermaid Month!

Do you love mermaids? Maybe it is because my Piscean heart has an affinity for anything to do with water, but I've always been fascinated with them. And because July is Mermaid Month in my Around the World, Around the Year program, I've been indulging my mermaid love this month by reading a lot of mermaid legends and lore.

People have been telling stories about mermaids and sirens for thousands of years. In fact, one of the earliest written references comes to us from 800 BC in Homer's Odyssey, when the sorceress Circe warns Ulysses about keeping his distance from the sirens lest they enchant him. 

And if you look at the lore around mermaids, most of it touches upon this idea of them possessing an intoxicating, sensual and dangerous beauty. They are the embodiment of the mysterious and sensual power of the feminine and its ability to summon, attract, and conquer in a way that is very different from the male paradigm. In a way, mermaids are everything men fear and don't understand about feminine power whose strength comes from such a different place than theirs. 

Mermaids dwell in the water, the womb of life and domain of the feminine, sometimes guiding sailors to safety, sometimes luring them to their deaths. And though we may have forgotten it, they are closely linked to the sacred feminine and her power over birth, rebirth and transformation and therefore these ancient stories serve as a potent reminder of the magic of the Goddess and her mysteries and of woman's place within them.

If you're interested in engaging more with mermaid lore and connecting with the power of the sacred feminine, I invite you to come join me in July for Around the World, Around the Year.