The Stolen Bairn and the Sidhe

Can you believe it's almost September? Kids are going back to school, fall it coming, and soon we'll be living in a world of pumpkin spice everything. It's late enough in the year to see if any of the intentions we set in January have gotten off course  and early enough to steer them back before the year ends. I don't know about you, but I set some pretty big goals for my year and sometimes I have to remind myself that success in bringing a meta-intention to pass means holding space over the duration, even on those days when we're feeling a little discouraged. 

And so today I'd like to share with you one of my favorite fairy stories about holding space for a dream, a Scottish tale called The Stolen Bairn and the Sídh. 

The story is about a young mother who momentarily sets her baby down on a path near a cliff by the sea while she climbs down to fetch him some water. As she is climbing down the cliff, she falls and is rescued by two fisherman. While she is away, two woman of the Sídh come across the little mewling bundle and steal the child away with them to Sídhean. The young mother is, of course, beside her self and undertake every means possible to locate her missing child, even though everyone else tells her it’s hopeless.

And then one day, she comes across an old gypsy woman who helps her find the magic to create a harp that sang with such sweetness the Sídh would be greedy to possess it, allowing her to buy her way into Sídhean to reclaim her missing child. The king of the Sídh falls in love with the harp and is so eager to possess it that he offers her riches untold, but the only price she will accept is the return of her son. The king finally agrees, striking a chord upon the harp that is so beautiful that the Sidh stood spellbound listening to its beautiful music. So enraptured were they that they never even noticed the woman leave with her child.

I love this story for its magic and for its acknowledgement that it is in our power to create what we want, if we just believe in and give voice to the magic we all possess. The truth is that one of the hardest things you'll ever do in holding space for a dream, especially during the times where it feels like you are just spinning your wheels, is waiting, continuing to hold space over the duration. Holding space when it seems like nothing is happening, holding space when others tell you are crazy. None of that matters. If it is in your heart and it is important to you, keep holding the vision, keep being grateful, keep working toward it and, eventually, it WILL pay off.

Brightest of Blessings,


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