Fairy Tale Self-Care

One of the great beauties of fairy tale is that while the dark forest sometimes feels scary and unfamiliar, no one ever dies there. It is a world where we can face our blocks and fears and come out the other side stronger and empowered with the knowledge that we are enough to overcome them.

And that is what I’ve been working on with a group of women for the past couple of weeks – clearing blocks in preparation for the work of manifesting some big goals and big dreams! You know, I really believe that we are here to heal ourselves and the world around us and that we are best equipped to do that when we ourselves are happy, healthy, fulfilled, and content.

I talk to so many women who act as a kind of mean step-sister toward their own internal Cinderella. They feel like they are being “selfish,” if they don’t put others first. And so, they put their own dreams on the back burner, always putting the needs of others before their own. Does this sound like you? I know that it has often been me.

But I’d like for you to think about something.

Have you ever noticed when you’re on an airplane how the emergency instructions always say to put on your own air mask before attending to anyone else? There’s a reason for this and it’s not that they are encouraging you to be selfish. The truth is that we cannot heal, be of service to or take care of others if we don’t first heal, serve and take care of ourselves. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to get water from an empty well.

But moreover, it’s not selfish to want a piece of happiness, a piece of something good for yourself. It is okay to want to go to the ball too. Really, it is.

And, so, since tomorrow is the night of the new moon and new moons are the traditional time for setting intentions, I’d like for you to join me in setting the intention of sometime in the next month doing something that is gloriously, maybe even selfishly JUST FOR YOU.

Do it because you need to. Do it because you want to. Or do it for no reason other than that it would make you happy.