Say YES!

Do you remember your first school dance when you were a girl? Mine must have been in middle school and it was decidedly NOT magical. The day it was announced, we were all herded to the gym to learn a basic box step to practice in preparation for the gala event. Every kid there was nervous and awkward. The boys lingered on one side of the room, girls on the other side until the teacher forced us to pair up.

I remember nothing so much as being terrified that no one would ask me to dance. In fact, I was so terrified that when the real dance came I stayed home. The whole experience was an early introduction to the pressure society puts on us to couple up and the complicated relationships so many of us women have with dating, partnering and feeling desirable, but back then I still didn't know about all that. Looking back, I can't believe I created such pressure for myself around something that was supposed to be fun. 

It makes me think about all of the times we don’t do what we really want to, because we are afraid. And I'm not just talking about dancing and relationships, I’m talking about all the times we ignore the call of our hearts and deny ourselves the opportunity to follow our dreams, leave that job we hate or even start a new chapter in life. The reasons are endless. We don’t think it’s our place or we fear that are not good enough or that we won’t measure up to someone else. I know I have done this and I bet you have too.

But can you imagine what a completely sad and uncompelling story it would have been if Cinderella had turned away the magical gifts that guided her to her happily ever after by going back to her sweeping and saying, “I’m JUST a scullery maid. I don’t deserve to wear sparkly glass slippers or to go to a ball and dance with a prince?”

The truth is that she deserved to go, so do I and SO DO YOU! You deserve to wake up looking forward to the day and to feel excited about what's ahead.

So, here is my invitation to you: 

Say yes!

Pick that thing that lights your heart up and say yes!

Say yes to growth. Say yes to new experiences. Say yes to the magic of pumpkin coaches and sparkling glass slippers. Say yes to the dance.

Make this the year to be the belle of your own ball. And don't wait for some prince (or princess) to save you. YOU get to decide.

Say yes to you!

Making yes your inner mantra allows you to extend yes outside of yourself and attract more of yes into your own personal intending. Yes is the breath of Creation. Think of a drop of rain merging with a river at the moment it becomes the river. Think of the river merging with the ocean at the moment it becomes the ocean. You can almost hear the sound of yes being whispered in those moments.

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer