What is Awen?

Awen is a Welsh word that means flowing spirit. In the Druidry, it represents the inspiration of the poets and bards. It is the Muse, that sacred place where we go when we are in creative flow and feel like our work is not of us, but coming through us. It is a space closely connected to Sacred Feminine Energy and Creation with a capital C. When we tap into our creativity, we are communing with not just our Soul, but the Divine itself.

What are the benefits of cultivating a creative practice?

Creative work allows you to...

  • Experience the magic of being in flow

  • Carve out respite space from the worries and stress daily life, even if just for a time

  • Get out of your head and into your heart

  • Engage in a mindful, meditative action that is centering and relaxing

  • Explore a world of possibility and play

  • Heal your heart by expressing your emotions (with or without the need for words!)

  • Grow parts of your mind that allow you to think outside of the box in daily life

  • Learn to trust your own intuition and judgment

  • Bolster your confidence

  • Shepherd something into being that didn’t exist before

  • Express that part of you that is sacred and eternal

  • Do something for no other reason than that it is joyful, fun, and makes your soul grow 

What will you do in this program?

In this program you will experience:

  • A weekly audio lesson & worksheet designed to free your Muse, shed blocks, and grow your soul

  • Weekly creative prompts to fire your creativity, stretch your mind, and help you develop a consistent practice

  • Encouragement to let yourself be creative and claim your calling as a Creatrix

  • Deeper contact with your Intuition and the Sacred Feminine Well of Creation

  • Goddess work, story, and other sources of inspiration

  • How to use the cycles of the moon to give yourself room to create, rest, and do inner work

  • Wisdom from creators who have mastered their craft

  • Opportunities to play, reclaim your voice, be seen, and share your work in a safe space

  • Recommendations for further reading and exploration

So what are you waiting for? Come join me on this journey into creativity as a Sacred Practice and find your voice and heal your creative heart!

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