Welcome! I am Martina and I'm so happy you're here! 

I am a teacher, writer and guide who creates unique group and one-on-one mentoring experiences that use story and earth based spiritual practices to help people find their path of purpose. It is my mission to help people like you to find direction, tap into your inner wisdom, and create a life you love.

I do this through leveraging a diverse background in coaching,  writing, literary, gender, and spiritual studies to create unique one-on-one and group mentoring experiences that use story and spirituality as a lens for creativity, communication, and personal development. You could say my work is a blend of wooery, creativity, and good old fashioned common sense and practical experience.

So how does story play into my work? Well, fairy and folk tales have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, my German grandmother would tell me the stories she had learned at her own grandmother's feet. I loved these stories so much that I later earned an MA and completed my PhD coursework in German literature with an emphasis on fairy tale, constructions of femininity, narrative authority and the telling of women's stories.

Through engaging more deeply with them, I learned that these tales are not just stories, but containers for deep wisdom. And it is there that my passion for helping others recover their soul-voice and path of purpose has its roots.  My personal development programs combine this foundation with earth medicine, journaling, creative exercises, the teachings of the Druid Bardic tradition, and energy healing. And my business services combine my knowledge of story and nearly 20 year career in sales operations and technical publications to tell the story of your business in a compelling way.

As you can see, my path has been a winding one - teaching, writing, and a 20-year detour into corporate America. I guess that's what happens when you have a lot of interests. While it is a wonderful for some and I was actually pretty good at it, the truth is that my career in business operations often left me feeling unchallenged, and unfulfilled, because I didn't really feel like I was using my full potential or engaging my creativity. I dreamed about doing something that allowed me to use my knowledge AND my creativity in a way that really made a difference to people. And yet, self-doubt and the promise of security kept me rooted where I was.

Then my mother was diagnosed with FTD, a degenerative, hereditary and incurable brain disease that is similar to Alzheimer's Disease. The news hit me hard as my mom has always been my closest confidant and best friend. I was still processing my new role as caregiver to her several months later when I fell and broke my shoulder.

Already grappling with some pretty heavy questions about the nature of life, illness, death and purpose, it gave me some much needed time to reflect on my own life and whether I was using it well. During that down time I finally woke up and realized that life is too short and too precious to waste.  So, I started charting my path from cubicle dweller to creative, teacher, and mentor.

I delved deeper into my earth-based spiritual path. I sought out teachers and guides who could help me find my way.  I went back to school to study coaching, enrolled in an earth medicine certification program, took courses on aromatherapy and hypnotherapy, became a Reiki Master, and learned everything I could about small business operations, marketing and content creation. And you know what? I still seek out opportunities to broaden my horizons. I have a deep commitment to learning and growing, so I can do the best work possible for my clients, because I am passionate about your success.

And that is where my own happily ever after comes in. Today, I use my expertise and experience to help others, whether it's by guiding them through illuminating journeys of self-discovery toward lives and work filled with intention, creativity, passion, and purpose.  I am doing my soul work and I am making a difference in the world!

I share my fairy tale cottage with my mom, a small herd of rescued dogs and cats and a garden filled with birds and squirrels. I feel closest to creation when I am near trees or water, spending time with animals or engaging in something creative. I am passionate about social justice, dementia advocacy, caregiver support and helping others (especially women) find their Soul Voice. I also love cooking, music, learning, singing, writing, studying different spiritual paths, and, of course, reading fairy tales and folklore.